2018′ Application Guideline

Application is closed.
Thank you very much for your application.

The following is a recruitment requirement made this time.



First round, semifinal, Concert by Judges and Final rounds

Yokosuka Art Theatre
3-27 Honcho Yokosuka, Kanagawa, 239-0041, Japan
Phone 81-46-828-1600

Gala Concert by winners

Blue Rose Recital hall, Suntory Hall Tokyo
1-13-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Phone 81-3-3505-1001


Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (cond. Naoto OTOMO)


*1.This award will be given to the best performer of C. Debussy, Premier Rhapsody in memory of one of founders of this competition and former principle clarinetist, late Mr. Koichi HAMANAKA)

Accompany pianists

Any applicants can ask for official pianists. Rehearsal with official pianists is arranged by organizers. Pianists may change round to round.
No applicants are allowed to ask accompany piano to official pianist personally.
For the finalists, rehearsal with orchestra is scheduled a day before the final round.

Compulsory pieces

Preliminary selection

Jean Francais:Clarinet Concert 3rd and 4th movement (accompanied by piano)

First round

Perform both (1) and (2).
The order of performance can be arranged by applicants.
Any publisher is accepted.

(1)F. Devienne:Sonate No. 1 C major 1st mov.(no repeat, publisher Transatlantiques)
(2)C.M.v. Weber : Concertino for Clarinet C minor/Eb major Op. 26

Second round

Perform both (1) and (2).
The order of performance can be arranged by applicants.
Any publisher is accepted.

(1) R. Schumann : Fantasiestücke Op. 73
(2) Choose one of these pieces

・F. Donatoni:Clair(1980) – first piece( first four pages).


Perform (1) (2) and (3) within 40 minutes.
The order of performance can be arranged by applicants.

(1) C.Debussy:Premier Rhapsody
(2) Choose one from these 2 pieces.

  1. J. Brahms: Sonate for Clarinet No. 1, F minor Op.120 No.1
  2. J. Brahms: Sonate for Clarinet No. 2, Eb major Op.120 No.2

(3) Free solo recital
Pieces must be composed after 1901.
You may be requested to hand a copy of music to the secretariat.
The conditions to choose piece

  1. Music must be published
  2. Original piece for clarinet (Arrangement by composer him/herself is acceptable)
  3. Unaccompanied or piano accompany piece
  4. Neither concerto nor concertino is acceptable.
  5. Pieces played in other rounds in this competition are not acceptable.
  6. Perform whole music or pick up a movement from the piece.
  7. We may request you to hand the original music to the organizer.


Perform both (1) and (2).
The order of performance can be arranged by applicants.

(1)W.A.Mozart:Clarinet Concert A major KV 622(Play without music)
(2)Original piece for the competition by Michio KITAZUME
Publisher:Zen-On Co., Ltd.  Will be published in Jan 15, 2018

Publishers are not limited unless it is indicated.




Fee for application

10,000JPY for preliminary selection and additional 20,000JPY for further rounds.
The Fee is not refundable for any reason.

How to apply

Application period

January 15th~March 30th, 2018 or the date that certain numbers of application are received, whichever comes first.

Mailing address

Secretariat Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition 2018

2F NA bldg. 1-3 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0041, Japan
Phone 81-3-3957-0996
※Use e-mail for inquiry to secretariat from abroad.

Additional information

Financial support for travel

Applicants from abroad will be partially reimbursed for their traveling expense upon registration for the first round. The reimbursement will be paid in Japanese yen.

Applicants are requested to show their passport and documents which can certify the cost and payment to the airline you have used.

User of ANA, our official Airline

From Asia 30,000JPY
Other area 60,000JPY

User of other airlines

From Asia 20,000JPY
Other area 40,000JPY

Preliminary selection

The preliminary selection is done by Judges selected by the organizing committee and is not open to the public

Preliminary selection result announcement

The preliminary selection results will be announced on our official website (http://www.jlicc.jp) and digitally mailed to successful applicants by the end of April, 2018.

Additional information

All expenses for travel, accommodation, entry, piano accompanist, insurance etc. are to be covered by the participant(s), except as noted above for applicants from abroad.

Visa application

The applicants including accompanying pianists themselves are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visas to enter Japan to participate in the competition. If an invitation letter or any other documents are required for the visa application, the applicants must request them from the Secretariat.


Whether or not insurance is purchased on the occasion of participating in the Competition is entirely the responsibility of the applicants. This applies to health and injury insurance as well as loss or damage to the instruments or to luggage, in the case of accident, fire or theft during travel.

Copyright and related rights

With regard to the music performers’ rights protected under the Copyright Act of Japan, in connection with their performances during the Competition and related concert including audio or visual recordings of a performer made by the organizers, applicants assign all their rights to the organizers.

Privacy policy

Personal information provided at the time of application will be managed by the Secretariat based upon the laws of Japan and will be used only for the purpose of operating the Competition.

Governing Law

These guidelines have been prepared based upon the Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition Code. Any problem arising from or related to the Code shall be settled in accordance with the Japanese version of the Code and the laws of Japan.


The applicants shall not give any public performance during the period of the Competition other than those required for the Competition. However, once applicants fail to pass a round, this condition will no longer apply.