---Determination of primary preliminaries | ---


No. ID Name
5 b0103 Tiago Bento
9 b0029 小林 知世
18 A0091 勝山 大舗
19 b0043 Yeeun Shin
23 b0041 Soon Won Lim
25 b0099 WooJin Kim
27 b0059 LEE Li-Ling
29 b0079 wongyo Chung
41 b0081 Byung-ho Park
42 b0027 Xiangyu Zhou
45 b0050 Víctor Díaz Guerra
55 b0091 István Kohán
65 b0088 Sergio Coelho
70 b0107 Ann LEPAGE
71 b0104 Frederik Virsik
74 b0011 Ya-Yun Jian
75 b0013 Chung Yoo
83 b0026 Jing Peng
86 b0082 Alessandro Beverari
87 b0084 Ho yeon Shin
96 b0096 Youjin Jung
101 b0020 Yung-Yuan Chiang
102 b0106 Wei Pan



---About upload recording files | ---

Dear Applicants

There are too many traffics to upload recording files.
You can upload the files by April 7th. Please wait for a while when the Dropbox server does not work and try upload later.

Sorry for your inconvenience.


---Notice for age under 18. | ---

We announced the eligible age for our competition from 18 to 35 years old, however, considering the aim of our competition, the judges and organizing committee encourage the youth to participate and the eligible age is reset for age under 35 years old.
We apologize the short notice and any inconveniences caused to those who are/ were considering to apply.
Now the deadline for age 18 is extended by May 18 and we welcome applications from all over the world. Those who are under 18 must attach approval documents by parents or guardian. The approval can be sent from online application.

Please click

---For preliminary selection recording | ---

For preliminary selection recording
You may cut piano solo parts.

8 bars between 2 bars before #13 to 6 bars after #13
6 bars between 2 bars before #15 to 4 bars after #15

---CD recording for preliminary selection | ---

We accept other material besides CD-R. Please contact us.


---Fee payment | ---

Bank Account information

Fee payment
We strongly recommend Paypal to reduce commission.
Account on Paypal is office@jlicc.jp
In case Paypal can not be used, use bank transfer but you must cover all the commission to transfer application fee. (Commission includes both in your country and in Japan).

---How to apply | ---


Mail the following three items to secretariat. Recorded CD is not necessarily sent together with other documents. It can be sent separately by the deadline of application.

  1. CD recording of performance for preliminary selection
  2. Photo of applicants (any size)
  3. A copy of certificate of age
  4. Printed application form

---Financial support for travel | ---

Financial support for travel

The applicants from abroad are supported for their travel expenses which vary dependent on the distances.

A. Area less than 16 hours flight in total of round trip; up to 50,000JPY.

B. Area more than 16 hours flight in total of round trip; up to 100,000JPY

The support will be paid after necessary tax reduction unless the applicants provide us tax exemption documents.
For details on tax exemption, contact with Japanese embassy or consulate.
The grants are paid by JPY and upon your appearance at registration for the first round.
Please show your boarding pass at registration.
Semifinalists and Finalists from abroad may be supported for their traveling cost.
The supports are paid by Japanese yen.

---Netori nisho by YAMAMOTO | ---

 Netori nisho : for clarinet solo
Original piece for the competition by Junnosuke YAMAMOTO

SBN: 4276921619
ISBN13: 9784276921610
UPC: 4510993553705

Performing time about 8 minutes
Publisher:Ongaku-no-Tomo Co., Ltd.

Will be published in Nov, 2013 and available at

Please search for "Netori nisho".