6th Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition Japan 2023



6th Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition Japan 2023


Application period ( due date for video submission)

Wednesday, February 1 (Wed.), 2023 – March 1 (Wed.), 2023 (must be received by this date)


Round 1:Recording of the first round repatoire should be submitted from Feb 1st to Mar 1st

Round 2:The deadline to submit the second round repatoire recording is May 1st.

Round 3:August 30 (Wed.), 31 (Thu.) (Yokosuka Art Theater)

Semi final round:September 1 (Fri.) (Yokosuka Art Theater)

Final round:September 3 (Sun.) (Yokosuka Art Theatre)

※Video judging results will be announced on the web page, around March 16 and May 16 for the first and second round respectively. Those who pass the video judging will be notified by e-mail.
※About 40 contestants will be selected for the third qualifying round.
※About 13 contestants will be selected for the semi-final round.
※About 5 contestants will be selected for the final round.

September 2, 2023 (Sat.) Judges Concert (Yokosuka Art Theater)

September 5, 2023 (Tue.) Prizewinners concert (Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall)



Yokosuka Art Theater

Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall

Competition Principle

This competition is held every two years, alternately in Japan and France, and aims to judge and award musical performances of participants based on the inheritance of the musical spirit of Mr. Jacques Lancelot, high musical expression, and the inheritance of modern French musical culture.


  • 1st Prize 800,000JPY
  • 2nd Prize 400,000JPY
  • 3rd Prize 200,000JPY
  • Koichi Hamanaka Prize*1

*1 The prize will be awarded to the best performer of Debussy’s “Première Rapsodie” the piece for the Semi final round, in accordance with the wishes of the late Koichi Hamanaka, former principal of the NHK Symphony Orchestra, the founder of this competition.
* Special prizes may be awarded in addition to the above.

Compulsory pieces

Round 1 *judging by video

Raymond Gallois₌Montbrun: 6 Pièces Musicals d’étude 1,4,5
*Applicants shall prepare their own accompaniment.

Round 2 *judging by video
Johann Stamitz: Clarinet Concerto in B flat major
*Applicants shall prepare their own accompaniment.

Round 3
(1) François Devienne : Première Sonate C major or Deuxième Sonate E flat major
*publishers : Editions Musicales Transatlantiques
(2) Jean Françaix:Tema con Variazioni

Semi-final round
(1) Claude Debussy: Première Rhapsodie
(2) Carl Maria von Weber: Grand Duo Concertant
(3) Selected from the following
・Pascal Dusapin : If (1984) pour clarinette en si bémole
・B.Mantovani : “Bug” for clarinet solo
・Patrick Burgan : Bavardage

Final round
(1) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622 (all movements) (playing by memory)
(2) Works produced by Ichiro Nodaira (Purchase from below)

・printed sheet music
PDF sheet music

*No publishers of the scores are specified, except as noted.


(Principal Clarinetist of the French Radio Philharmonic Orchestra / Professor at the Conservatoire National de Musique de Lyon)* President of the judge

Alexandre CHABOD
(Former Principal Clarinetist of Orchestra of the Opera)

(Professor, Mendelssohn University of the Arts, Leipzig)

(Principal Clarinetist of NHK Symphony Orchestra)

Yusuke NODA
(Professor, Tokyo College of Music)

Antonio SAIOTE
(Principal Clarinet, Porto Academic Orchestra)


*Video judges

Alessandro BEVERARI
Hirotaka ITO
Yoshinobu KAMEI
Tadayoshi TAKEDA

Tomohiko OWADA

How to apply

Participation eligibility
Those born between August 31, 1987 and August 30, 2008.
All nationalities are eligible.

Participation Fee
20,000 yen
Payment can be made by bank transfer to the designated account or via PayPal.
PayPal payment can be made using a card through our website.

Process your payment.


*The participation fee is not refundable under any conditions.
*All remittance fees shall be borne by the applicant.

Application Procedure

1. Record the performance for the First qualifying round and submit its URL of limited release on YouTube.
2. Apply using the application form on the competition’s website.
※Application period:February 1 (Wed.), 2023 – March 1 (Wed.), 2023

Notice; No editing and post-recording modification are allowed.

Label the applicant’s name on the submitting file.


Gala concert of winners(Tokyo Opera City Recital Hall)
The organizer will hold a prizewinners’ showcase concert in which the prizewinners will perform.
The prize winners shall agree to perform at this concert. Songs to be performed at the concert will be designated by the president of the judges from the pieces performed by the contestant in the second qualifying found or in the final round of the competition. The performance portion may be specified. No remuneration will be paid to the prize winners for their performance at the concert. The organizer will provide for the accommodation expenses.

Official Pianist and Practice
The organizer will provide an official pianist for those who wish to use one.
If the contestant chooses to provide his/her own accompanist, all expenses for the accompanist shall be borne by the contestant. Practice with the official pianist shall be conducted according to the schedule determined by the organizer. The contestant may practice with the orchestra on the day before the final round on a schedule determined by the organizer.

Visa Application
If an entry visa is required to participate in the competition, it is the responsibility of the contestant to obtain the visa. The same applies to co-performers.

Copyrights and Neighboring Rights
All rights to photographs, sound recordings, video recordings, broadcasts, CD sales, etc., of the performances in the competition belong to the organizer.

Compliance with Japanese Law
Any problems arising in connection with this guide will be resolved in accordance with the Japanese version of this guide and in conformity with the laws of Japan.

Official Pianists
Mari Izuha/ Yoshitaka Suzuki/ Shoko Gamo
Personal requests to the official pianist are not allowed.
The official pianist may be changed for each qualifying round.

Contestants are responsible for their own health and accident insurance, as well as fire, theft, and damage insurance for their instruments, baggage, and other personal belongings, if deemed necessary.

Privacy Policy
All personal information provided at the time of application will be managed by the organizer in accordance with Japanese law and will be used solely for the purpose of administering the competition.

Performance Activities during the Competition
Contestants shall not engage in any performance activities during the competition (August 30 – September 3, 2023) except for those related to the competition. However, this shall not apply to the period after the contestant has failed to pass the judging.


Organizing committee of Jacques Lancelot International Clarinet Competition Japan

Foundation of Arts and Culture, Yokosuka

Special Sponsor
Buffet Group Japan

Sponsors(Alphabetical order)
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
Otsuka Holdings, Inc.
Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd.

The Embassy of France in Japan
EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee

Japan Clarinet Association

Honorary President of Organizing Committee

Philippe Setton, ambassadeur de France au Japon

Organizing Committee

President NINOMIYA, Kazuko
Committee members
ITOH, Hirotaka(Principal Clarinet, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra)
OTSUKA, Seiji (President of Japanese Clarinet Association)
KATSUYAMA, Daisuke(Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
KAMEI, Yoshinobu (Associate Professor, Toho Gakuen University)
SHINOHE, Seiki(Former Principal Clarinet, Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra)
SHIMOSAWA, Tatsuo(Vice president of Japanese Clarinet Association)
TAKEDA, Tadayoshi(Dean Kunitachi College of Music)
OWADA, Tomohiko(Assistant Professor, Kunitachi College of Music)
Special Advisor FURUYA Keiji [Lower House Member]
Advisor KOGI, Shuji [Secretary General of EU-Japan Fest]
TAKAHASHI, Katsuaki [Former director at Yokosuka Works, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd]
TAKI, Ken [Former Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd./Board member of Toho Gakuen]
HONDA, Keikichi [Advisor of KEIDANREN/former Councilor of Bank of Tokyo]
The Embassy of France in Japan


1st Prize : Angel Martin Mora

2nd Prize : Sang-jin Park(Hamanaka award)

3rd Prize : Martim Barbosa

Winner:Yan Maratka

Winner:Yebin Seo